Monday, October 19, 2009

Patterns and Ohger

finished the clock print today!

WHAT!??? Arrolynn is posting! I'm sorry to all three of you that follow my's been ages since I've posted anything. The things that I've been working on I'm either not allowed to show them, or they're just really boring. No one wants to see my mailing list. One thing I have been doing lately is working on prints and patterns. I'm starting to experiment with them to open the field of work. It's really exciting if you think of it....there's greeting card companies...wallpaper, stationary, clothes.. so many people need patterns! So here is my first attempt at a repetitive pattern. Oye. I really had some issues when it came to repeating the tile...but I did learn alot and I had a blast. I drew it with pen and scanned it in and then colored in photoshop, but I am also going to paint one. right now I'm just playing around... Next I'm working on one with clocks. In other news! The guys over a contacted me a little over a month ago with the exciting news that they're starting a new site but for up and coming illustrators. If your familiar with Drawger it's a place to showcase illustrators working today, but it's invitation only. Ohger is going to be a place for new talent that art directors and editors and whatnot can visit. It runs just like Drawger... it's by invitation or applying and it's only open to current students or recent graduates. So go check it out! I promise I'll post more.