Tuesday, November 2, 2010


OK. So I have a new obsession. It's serious. It's popsicles.

For my birthday my husband got me this nifty popsicle maker....it makes them in 7 minutes!!! SEVEN. It really is awesome. The main part is the base, which is filled with freezing liquid. You pop the sucker in the freezer for 24 hrs. and it's ready to go. Any time you get a craving for a popsicle you just whip it out, put in the special stick, and pour in your favorite juice. I've made more popsicles in two weeks than I have in my lifetime. So far I've made....watermelon, cantaloupe, orange juice, fudgesicle, peach, banana-blueberry yogurt swirl, cranberry-orange, chai, and coffee. Every time a new one comes out I give it to Doug to do the taste test...I'm starting to think he bought this to benefit himself.

Inspired by my recent popsicle craze I thought a new illustration was needed.