Friday, October 22, 2010

map paintings

I feel so ashamed. I've failed as a blogger. Once upon a time I posted many times a week...adding new images and exciting news....well ok, somewhat interesting news...but at least I posted! So for those of you who haven't given up on me I promise to post more regularly.

Long ago I experimented with making collage paintings. Well I've gotten back into that, but this time it's with old road maps! My family has collected a ton through the years, we traveled mucho. We were that family that sang corny songs and played cheesy games along the way. And it was fun. So I asked my dad to dig them out of the attic so I could cut them apart and give them a use once more. I'm using these map paintings to play with colors,, shapes, and textures that I don't usually use. Sometimes I plan ahead, or sometimes I just begin making shapes according to the lines already on the map. If you want to keep up with them I'm selling the originals in my etsy store.

In other news I now have artist representation from Advocate art in London. I'm excited to see where that relationship will take me, hopefully it will open new doors in illustration. Also the book I illustrated, No Girl's Allowed by Tyndale, is now officially published! I'll admit that I haven't picked up a copy yet....such a slacker.

Enough are some pictures