Saturday, April 14, 2007

All Summer in a Day

O.K. Right now I'm trying to go through one of those artist transitions....There are things that I've been doing in my sketchbook that I love, funny characters and line drawings from life. In painting I've also been having fun with the palette knife...making juicy chunks. So to please myself and get out of a rut, I'm trying to combine the two. So after class on Friday I ran home and did this Illustration from scratch in about two hours. It's rough but it's the direction I want to go in. I did a little pen drawing in my book, and then painted it onto the board. I want to play with fun shapes, keeping the lines in certain areas, flat shapes in some areas, and play with proportions. I have a problem of being to boring when it comes to drawing from reference....but I have to say that I've never had so much fun painting before. In other Illustrations I would paint in the eyes....I was just having fun with the character from the story "All Summer in a Day" by Ray Bradbury. The girl is depressed and a loner, and it rains 7 years straight so it's like a grey storm in her eyes...oooooh how deep lol. Also I wanted her hair and skin to be as pale as the background so she almost disappears if it weren't for the jumper and the few lines. In the story she kind of disappears into the students and classroom because she is so quiet, and no one likes her :(. Anyways I had so much fun! Now I have to do my actual Illustration for Tuesday, plus some pen and inks. Yay!

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emcguire said...

Hey nice to see your blog. Lots of work I hadn't seen, very cool. Seeya neighbor :)