Sunday, September 23, 2007

Illustration for the short story "The Butler, by Roald Dahl.
Illustration I did for a kid's imagination with a box...everyone played in boxes!

Study for my robot illustration and class sketches

Lido Beach

Sketch from the Don Cesar in St. Petersberg, beautiful hotel!

Lately I've been trying to use the style and freedom that I have in my sketchbook in my Illustrations. I always tighten up and I loose something when I do a final illustration, so I'm working keeping that freedom/creativity that I naturally do in my sketchbook. I'm playing with proportions, perspective, line quality, leaving somethings unpainted...Here are some sketches and a couple illustrations.

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Cateris said...

Thanks :)
Man, your stuff is really coming along. We were all in love with the mustache man, and I'm so disappointed it didn't get into Illest!
You've really got an awesome unique style. <3