Thursday, February 7, 2008

I did this sketch in class and really liked it.. so I painted it when I got home. I really had fun with the color.
At the Aquarium
Olga's House
At the beach with their toy cars.
Oliver's House.

Just continuing to work on Olga. Here is four more spreads, tell me what you think! I'm exhausted, but loving every moment.


Arbel M. Cohen said...

hi im the guy who hovered over u in CJ10 haha (im not a stalker promise! ) just thought ied stop by and comment cant wait to see ur senior show :) dont over work urself ! ur art rox! (such a freshman comment aye?)


Sorrentino said...

Like always!
very beautiful design work and color! ;)
miss ya!

robyn hyzy said...

I love your work! So friggin cute! Can't wait to see your finished thesis- see you in class!

Jeff Harter said...

these are awesome

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Really great work !!