Sunday, May 2, 2010


It feels like it's been five years since I've posted! It's been a busy year. I got married and had a book deal with Tyndale House Publishers for 120 illustrations all around the same time.

The book is called "No Girls Allowed" and will be published this fall. The illustrations are going to be 3x3 and most if not all will be converted to grayscale. I've posted some below. I thought posting all 120 would be annoying and boring to you. Soon I'll be working on another children's book, but I can't give out any details yet! The other picture I posted is a box I painted for the wedding. If someone brought us envelopes to the wedding (probably full of money) they could slip it in here so it wouldn't get lost. Because seriously no one wants to loose money. As always thank you for visiting!

There are fishies and coral on the sides!


Julissa said...

Thanks for stopping's always nice to meet new people. What part of Orlando are you in?

You have a really neat the line work.

andres casciani said...

i love the collage style of your drawings! very interesting feeling and poetic style!

Julissa said...

Hey Arrolynn, I'm in Sanford. Did you also go to Ringling?

J :)

Jen Hersey said...

It's amazing you could keep the quality of these drawings so high after doing so many! I love the dad and son with the fish :)

Sandra Lucia said...

These came out great!!! I can wait to see the book in the fall! Congrats on gettin published!

Sandra Lucia said...
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