Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Miss Twiggs

I haven't updated my blog in quite some time! In fact I wonder even if I still have followers...if anyone out there is still tuning in, thank you!

The past few months have been pretty crazy, Doug and I relocated to the D.C. area. There has been many firsts for me....My first heavy first pair of boots..scarf...and of course first time seeing snow. I'll admit that I never really thought of D.C. being a hip place to live, but there really is so much to explore. I still haven't gotten sick of the free museums or the zoo, and theres so many great places to eat!

In other news. I've still been working on pattern collections. The online boutique is carrying a collection of my prints. I'm also enjoying working on illustrations for a new children's book called The Adventure of Miss Twiggs and Company. The story is about a trio of mice that travel the English country side meeting new people. Here are some of the illustrations so far.


victor fox said...

Hi Arrolynn,
Came from Print and Pattern... sucked in by your magnificent circus pattern with the bears on bikes... Oh my gosh I love love love it!
Your work is just devine, as Iv had a little look-see through your website.
My other favourite is the lots of necklaces lady in the frame!
Following now and looking forward to keeping up to date with your work!

Lori Dean Dyment said...

Looks like the start of a book I would love to pick up and flip through. Great stuff as always.

Lizbeth Quispe said...

love the house painting. very nice, rich colors

Albert Sorrentino Jr. said...

Dude! Update! Please! The work is still stellar though!

Ayumi Sophia said...

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